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Lanzhou Zhongke Kaihua Technology Development Co。, Ltd。 is a subordinate company of Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics of CAs, main: scratch tester, reciprocating friction tester, high-temperature friction and wear tester, high-temperature vacuum hardness tester, pin-disc friction and wear tester, multi-function material superficial tester, electrochemical corrosion friction tester, Controllable atmosphere, such as micro-friction testing machine。 Has nearly 50 years engaged in laboratory-specific materials performance testing equipment, testing and teaching equipment research and development, production, sales experience。 The company main products have WS-2005 coating adhesion automatic scratch instrument, HT-1000 type high-temperature friction wear tester, reciprocating-synchronous friction and wear tester, wtm-2e-type controllable atmosphere micro-friction and wear tester, high-speed reciprocating, Rotating friction and wear tester, as well as slurry erosion testing machine, such as the surface properties of various materials testing equipment。



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